Salem’s Daughter #3 – The Adventure Begins…

Salem’s Daughter #3 (Zenescope – Tedesco / Viacava)

Using his power of mind control, the mysterious Darius has spread panic throughout Essex County and now Anna Williams is about to burn at the stake. Darius offers Anna one last chance to join him but her refusal only fuels his rage. Now it’s all up to Braden to save Anna from certain death, but it might be too late. Don’t miss the conclusion to the incredible prequel story arch of Zenescope’s newest hit series Salem’s Daughter! Covers by superstar artist Greg Horn & ‘Death Dealer’ artist Nat Jones!

This first arc comes to an end and we are brought back to the beginning issue #0.  Issues #1-3 gives the reader a fair vision of Anna (the powerful supernatural beauty on the run), Cole (the rough and tumble gun-slinging protector with a good heart) and the nemesis Darius (basically… the Devil).

With Salem’s Daughter, the Zenescope writing cabal continues to stretch their legs and step out of what is expected from them.  This is completely outside the fairy tale box and is focused more as a hard core western story first and a supernatural horror second.  I, and the rest of fandom, know that the den of Zene-writers are highly skilled at constructing a great thrilling suspense story and that Zenescope books are often characterized as “sexy horror”.  But Salem’s Daughter is an example of them being able to put plot before thrills and eye-candy.

This three issue arc completely sets up the “who” and “why” of the series as a whole and ends with Anna and Cole going to help a group of  stupid kids (really, what other kind plays in haunted woods at night?) as they are hunted by the Jersey Devil.

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: February 18, 2010 — 10:51 am

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