House of Mystery #12 – a year’s worth of getting it done right!

House of Mystery #12 (Vertigo – Sturges / Rossi / Lobaccaro / Marzan / Landini)

Part 2 of “The Space Between”! Disappointed by everyone around her, Fig is unsure who to trust and is back at square one. Where do you go when there’s nowhere to go? You go nowhere. Or you stop being you. Or you go to the Goblin Market with the things that go “HZZZZZZ.” Featuring werewolves galore and the return of the House’s first waitress, Rina, whose political convictions will blow your mind.

Anyone who enjoys being caught up in Lost-like, Fringe-y, Gaiman-ish, any sort of supernatural / sci-fi complex story should be reading House of Msytery.

In the overall plot we get further developments on Rina’s capture, Fig and Harry get intimate and Fig’s dad shows his power to be able to cross between stories. In the story within a story, the hot tracker Montaigne gives her backstory.

On top of having a phenomenal plot, the art rocks too! Which is saying something, given the nature of the revolving talent for the anthology piece of this book.

I can’t emphasize this enough, get the trades! get the back issues! We are only 12 issues in, this is the best series you aren’t reading!

Issue grade: A+

On top of everything else, you get a preview of Unwritten, which seems to be a cross between Harry Potter and Inkspell.

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Updated: April 17, 2009 — 10:11 am

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