Superman: New Krypton #2 of 12

Superman: New Krypton #2 of 12 ( DC / Robinson / Rucka / Woods / Frank ) 

“Superman thought that joining his people on New Krypton would allow him to ease some of the tension between Earth and his people, but lately nothing’s been easy for the Man of Steel! Alura still shows no signs of becoming the kind of leader Superman wants her to be. The people of New Krypton still don’t understand the responsibilities that come with their new abilities. And as for Zod? Superman doesn’t even know where to start with Zod. All The Man of Steel knows is that he can’t be trusted. And Zod is about to prove Superman right” 

DC has taken years to meld all the various telling of Krypton together.  They’ve finally done it with making Krypton a caste society.  Rather archaic for such an advanced race, don’t you think?  Kal-El takes issue with the caste system, but even more than that, he takes issue with Zod’s military caste and their “shoot first ask questions later” way of doing things.  Zod and Kal’s ideologies have a small collide in how to deal with an animal uprising, and if the last page is any indication there is about to be a head-on collision in issue three.

Writing and art are very solid in issue two, although I’m not sure why Geoff Johns isn’t given any credit.  I thought this was his baby, but writing credit goes to Greg Rucka and James Robinson.  Both men are excellent at what they do and bring a great issue to the table.  I’m just wondering, why the change up?

Art endeavors by Pete Woods and cover by Gary Frank hit their marks.  Woods is defiantly up to the task of not just penciling a world of supermen, but also a high tech future society.

Grade: A

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Updated: April 14, 2009 — 9:33 pm

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