1001 Arabian Nights, The Adventures of Sinbad #9

1001 Arabian Nights, The Adventures of Sinbad #9 (Zenescope – Wickline / Ferigato / Embury)

The adventure continues! The search for the ‘City of the Dead’ heats up as Sinbad and his band of loyal followers travel deep into the heart of Egypt to find the Crown of Anubis, the second piece of the Jericho Visor. Adding to the intrigue is Sinbad’s decision to place his trust in the mysterious tracker Osmium, a woman from his past, and her wolfhound Zawj. As always, things are never as they appear for Sinbad and his men as the deadly desert looks to claim more victims and retain its secrets.

With the help of ex-girlfriend and uber-tracker Osmium, Sinbad and his crew make it out to the spot where the city of the Dead is buried. Now, they just have to deal with some bandits hell-bent on revenge 🙂

With this book, Zenescope has been able to fill a niche that no other company out there has been able to do – give the readers a good, high-quality, monthly fantasy book.

And by fantasy, I mean WoW and D&D fans, not their new pin-up “girl of the month” contest.

Dan Wickline continues to tell a story that would make any dungeon master proud and any table top gamer excited. The only issue I have, is that very recently the art reigns for the book has changed hands. Eduardo Ferigato, the new artist, certainly is talented – it’s just his style is a bit more cartoony than what was previously used in the book. It feels a little bit more like the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from the 80’s rather than what is the standard for a Zenescope sexy, action, adventure book. But the bonus of that is that this is easily recommended for adventure fans of all ages!

Issue grade: A-

Also this month, Zenescope started printing books with their new dragon icon – very cool!

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Updated: April 17, 2009 — 10:32 am

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