Thor #600 – 2nd take – Heavy book for a heavy hitter

thor 600 Thor #600 (Marvel – Straczynski / Coipel / Giarrusso/ Aja / Lee)

Heavy Book for a heavy Hitter. That what I was thinking when I picked this one up. And while I wasn’t disappointed with the main story, I could have done without the $5 price tag to include a marginally funny, but mostly unread cartoon by Chris Giarrusso, and about 1000 pages of classic Marvel. Kirby Thor reprints. While I like the idea of introducing Kirby’s work to a new generation, I just see this as another stupid editor decision to cash in on a popular title. Sad, really.

That said, the art in this book is gorgeous. And coupled with the reprints in the backan interesting dicotomy develops. As much as you have to admire the old masters, you have to admit that overall a bunch of the new guys are probably, actually better. Copiel would included in this. Oh my gosh sacriledge. Now, from a stylistic and creative stand point Kirby is probably unmatched, but from a … I don’t have the words… but as a renderer of making this appear realistic and dynamic, you have to give Copiel the upper hand. Don’t you think? Seeing the two styles back to back. So, this is top of the line art, you won’t find much better in the business.

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Updated: February 24, 2009 — 4:58 pm

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