Dark Avengers #2

Dark Avengers #2 (Marvel – Choi / Bendis)

The Dark Avengers have made themselves known to the world and as the world takes them in, Morgana le Fey comes looking for blood!! Once you learn who the Dark Avengers are you’ll see why this is the buzz book of the year!! The Dark Reign is here!!

If Dark Avengers #1 intrigued me (which it did) then DA #2 blew me away. The level of action in this issue is exactly why people start reading comics. This team has everything you need… no-nonsense leadership, a fantastic cast, awesome battle tactics and they take on a classic enemy. One issue, they are the bad guys!

Just when I think I cannot buy any of the hype surrounding the “big name” artists / writers (yes, I still have issues from Final Crisis), I come across a book where the creative infrastructure lives up to the aura that surrounds the names on the cover.

Brian Michael Bendis, one of those previously mentioned “big names”, gives us a great story.  The first mission of these new Avengers is to save Dr. Doom from the clutches of Morgana Le Fay.  They get there a tad late and have to go head-to head with Le Fay.  The opening hit of this fight, and really the only only blow we see in this issue, makes you do a double take as Osborne takes Sentry off his leash.  The magic-wielding  mistress shows that it takes more than a decapitation to keep her down.  She then enchants Venom and makes him into a huge dinosaur-like monster who starts eating the Avengers.  How cool is that!  These  scenes make me wonder how far Bendis will push the “violence” envelope with this team.  At this point, I guess it really doesn’t matter because it’s got me hooked!

While I am well aware, and most of you are too, that Dark Avengers as a series will last only as long as Dark Reign does as an event and then these characters will go back to the Thunderbolts title.  But until then, I plan on enjoying every page of this pulsating series.

Issue Grade: A- (minus for having us have to get other comics to get the complete Dark Avengers story)

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:17 pm

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