War of Kings: Darkhawk #1

War of Kings: Darkhawk 1 of 2 (Marvel – Cebulski / Tolibao / Dazo)

As WAR OF KINGS approaches, the ascension of Darkhawk begins! New Warrior…Avenger…Intergalactic destroyer?! Chris Powell has been many things over his young life, but now he’s stepping up with a new life on the East Coast and a serious job at Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S. But when his past comes back to haunt him and new information about his amulet and its legacy are violently brought to light, Darkhawk realizes he may have to face a much darker destiny that he ever realized. All this, plus the return of the Loners…and a reprint of DARKHAWK #1! You know how ANNIHILATION made you look twice at Nova (now star of a critically acclaimed series)? This is where Darkhawk takes off!

Having been years since New Warriors and Darkhawk, this is the first I have seen the character in a long time. Starting with the end, the backup story in this book is a reprint of I believe the entire first issue of Darkhawk, which does a great job showing us where this sometimes forgotten character came from. I prefer to remember when we didn’t know what Darkhark’s face looked like? When it was one of the mysteries of the Marvel Universe, at least according to the 1993 Marvel Universe Trading Cards. Those were the days!

The issue starts by showing us Chris Powell living at home with his mom and brothers trying to rush out of the house in the morning to his job at Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S. At this point, I have to say that I am not digging the pencils. Darkhawk looks like he has a snout! I think it must be like Green Arrow’s hat, at some angles, it is really hard to draw, but that doesn’t mean you make the character look foolish! On the fifth page of the book, it looks like Darkhark has a Chinese take-out box on his face! I am not artist and I know that point of view orientation of angles is hard to convey, but seriously, this kind of stuff needs to be fixed! Anyways, there are some fisticuffs between our hero and Vector who is attempting to escape the facility. Vector tries to remove the amulet from Darkhawk’s chest and Darkhawk goes crazy on him, but it isn’t Chris, the amulet took over.

Chris goes to Turbo’s support group to ask for help and it becomes just like old times for Chris and Mickey. They some time together after the group lets out and they end up walking back to Chris’s house where suddenly his amulet starts burning followed by something streaking across the sky and landing in his backyard. Chris and Mickey rush to find….a “blue” Darkhawk here to save our Darkhawk!

I have to say the plot is intriguing to me, I really wonder where this is going and how it is going to play into the War of Kings story, or if it is just a throwaway. Either way, it is good to see a character like Darkhawk back again. Not sure if he has the faux Wolverine claws on one hand or not, but still good to see him again. Art is what hurts this book in my opinion. You can’t have your hero looking goofy when he is supposed to look serious.

Issue Grade: B-

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:17 pm

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