Eureka #1

Eureka #1 (Boom! – Cosby / Hay / Barreto)

TV’s smash sci-fi hit comes to BOOM! EUREKA creator Andrew Cosby joins writer Brendan Hay (The Daily Show, Simpsons) in bringing all-new stories from everybody’s favorite town of eccentric geniuses! Things start off with a bang when something menacing escapes from Global Dynamics, and it has a target! It’s up to Carter and Jo to put together the pieces, but will elements from Jo’s past stop her from getting the job done?

Just so that you know, this is coming from a big fan of Eureka and someone who thinks Andrew Cosby deserves some sort of award for his writing.

Alright, so here you have the comic adaptation of America’s secret “mad scientist” town.  What I conclude, is that this first issue almost makes it as a solid transition.

If you were already a fan of the show, this story is not in current continuity (pre-season 2 I think), but is still canon (duh, Cosby is writing it).  And if you already were in tune with the basic premise and characters, the story was pleasant enough… but if this was your first trip to Eureka, you might ask what the big deal is.

There is an escaped ex-military patient who apparently can come back from the dead, along with a few other tricks in his bag.  And he is running around Eureka with a huge chip on his shoulder.  The only thing that makes it worse is that he is a compatriot of Jo’s which makes her useless, if not a liability, on the hunt.

The story happened quick in what I believe to be a 2-parter. And while I was able to fill in the gaps of what was going on, I’m pretty sure someone new to the setting would not.  Throughout the issue, Diego Barreto’s art was consistent and competent.  It has piqued my interested and can’t wait to see if this series hits it’s poential or not.

Issue grade: B

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Updated: February 3, 2009 — 10:06 pm

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