Dark, Secret, Blackest, Final War for the Invasion Crisis. Moral.

I’ve been thinking since I sent in my FINAL CRISIS, SECRET INVASION posts. A little disappointed I couldn’t put exactly into words how I felt, but I think I finally figured it out.

Awhile back I was at the state fair with my friend Allie, and we were headed to the Ferris Wheel (one of those small, fast ones). Allie caught the operator’s eye as we got on, and you could tell from his grin that he thought he was cool and wanted to impress her. The way he decided to do this was to give her a nod and a wink as he let us ride around again even though our time was up.

What he failed to notice, was that Allie was not enjoying this at all. In fact the first go round had made her quite queasy. The second go round, she was down right nauseous, using exemplatives to refer to the guy. She tried to signal him to stop, and he figured she was waving to him, enjoying herself, he may have even kicked the ride into a faster gear in response.

Allie, quite irate, was determined that if she was going to puke, which she was, she was going to puke on him, which is no easy task on a speeding Ferris Wheel. I was impressed when she was able to splatter his shoulder. Quickly after we were able to get off.

The moral. Sometimes you gotta stop trying to be cool, and let folks off, otherwise…

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Updated: February 3, 2009 — 8:10 pm

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