A Smash! revival from Image… are you kidding me?

So, Jeph Loeb’s run on the Hulk and his creation of Rulk (red hulk) will not be the height of his career as far most fans are concerned. In fact, most fans consider it a dark spot, bad timing, a poor decision… please insert your own euphemism here.

Jeph is aware of this, Marvel is aware of this, Image is aware of this…

So what is the next big move to help Jeph become first in our hearts again? Have Jeph revive this really sad purple hulk-knock off at Image that he did with none other than Rob Liefeld (please check out Rob at the dork list). Really, I am not making this up!

Here is what Rob had to say at his own blogsite post “This will contain a new story which frees Smash! from his bonds and lead into the multi-part SMASH! storyline told in a series of specials pitting SMASH! against the Extreme universe. Then in May, we get ‘Smash! Brigade’ from Marat Mychaels and ‘Smash! Youngblood,’ ‘Smash! Prophet’ and ‘Smash! Supreme’ to follow through the year.”

Really? What? Is there anyone falling for this?

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Updated: February 4, 2009 — 2:31 pm

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