Dark Avengers #1

Dark Avengers #1 (Marvel – Bendis / Deodata)

THE DARK REIGN IS HERE! The start of an explosive new era in the Avengers mythos! Who are the Dark Avengers? Who is the Iron Patriot? The answers will shock you!

When I picked this up last week, I was thinking that there goes some more of my comic budget for the big-event Marvel fleecing machine. Now, while that still might be true, this was an awful good read. And an absolute must for any fanboy looking to follow Dark Reign.

This issue sets up what Osborne’s game plan is and who his new Avengers are… who they really are. This series (for as long as it lasts) is also a natural fit for long term Thunderbolt fans.

warning: spoilers below!

The issue revolves around Norman Osborne, the new hero and leader of the free world, while he is busy creating his alternative to SHIELD (Norm likes the acronym HAMMER) and filling his personal staff.
Not to mention rounding out the members of the new Avengers team. Everyone who has seen the promo posters for this has wondered how Osborne would ever get folks like Spider-man and Wolverine to work for him.  Well, the simple fact is that he doesn’t. The Dark Avengers are like the Thunderbolts, except to a whole new level. Villains masquerading as brand name heroes… I’m sure they will love that.  And none other than Osborne himself as the new star-spangled Iron Man.

The art of Mike Deodata Jr. is a welcome beam of talent after that sketchy crap from Maleev that was in the Dark Reign one-shot. I am very intrigued to see where this will go, and with Bendis at the helm, there’s a good chance of it staying interesting.

Issue Grade: surprisingly solid B

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:16 pm

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