1001 Arabian Nights – The Adventures of Sinbad #7

1001 Arabian Nights – The Adventures of Sinbad (Zenescope – Brusha / Adrian / Oats)

The Grimm Fairy Tales universe finally meets the world of 1001 Arabian Nights in both series very first cross-over event! Wilhelm claims that an ancient curse is the reason for his gruesome appearance. What he failed to reveal is that he brought the curse on himself. The true story behind Wilhelm’s transformation is wrapped up in greed, magic and the powers of a beautiful genie. Guest-staring everyone’s favorite sorceress, not to mention one of the sexiest comic babes around. Belinda has arrived straight from the pages of Grimm Fairy Tales.

This is the first issue, since issue #1, that I haven’t been totally enamored with it.  Maybe it was the fact that it was a two-parter and I have to go buy another #3.99 book to find the full origin of Wilhelm.  Maybe it’s that even before reading it, you know the end of the story.  Maybe it’s that this issue was the first that wasn’t in a story arc furthering Sinbad’s adventures.  Maybe it’s becasue it just felt rushed all the way around.   I simply don’t know.

If this is the first issue of Sinbad you have picked up, please do not judge the series nor the company by this one ish.  It’s gets better, I promise.  Every road gets a pothole every now and then.

Issue Grade: C

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Updated: January 29, 2009 — 8:55 am

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