Galveston #3

Galveston #3 (Boom! – Rahner / Peyer / Herman)

Cowboys and pirates! In the late 1800s, the streets of Galveston, Texas were ruled by crazy French pirate Jean Lefitte and his pal, Jim Bowie! It’s true! Google it! And this is their story! It’s DEADWOOD with pirates, man. PIRATES! What’s not to love?

This book should be getting a lot more hype than it is. Any fan of the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie (you know, the one without a mass of crabs and a giant sea hag) would enjoy this book.

Galveston boils down to being a “buddy movie” plot set in the Old West with a sly dog pirate and hard-souled Cowboy, with both characters doing their interpretation of the big-hearted, bad-ass hero.

The issue opens with Lefitte and Bowie on a few days’ journey away from Galveston. Their goal is to set up some horse trading with the local native Indian tribes. A disagreement breaks between them about where America is headed and how important law is, this sets them on separate paths with Bowie headed forward and Lefitte headed back. The majority of the rest of the book shows what has happened to the town of Galveston in Lefitte’s absence and what the pirate captain plans to do to get it back now that he has returned.

The story is fun and solid.  The art, while sketchy at times – especially in the long shots, overall does it’s job.

Issue Grade: B

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Updated: January 27, 2009 — 11:16 am

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