Flash Gordon #2

Flash Gordon #2 (Ardden Entertainment – Deneen / Green)

Ardden Entertainment’s revival of the King of the space pulp heroes, Flash Gordon, is a very welcome one. Just like most fans, I was very leery of yet another re-imagining of Alex Raymond’s classic character. We have all seen stories we love get hacked when being translated into a modern setting by those creators who haven’t quite pulled all the pieces together. But a creative team like Brendan Deneen and Paul Green will make us all believe that if you get the right people together, all the classic characters could be revitalized. The film industry saw a small revival of the Pulp hero last Summer with new films in both the Indiana Jones and Mummy franchises, but that pattern didn’t quite make it’s way to comics… at least not yet. Fans are ready, and I am thinking that Ardden Entertainment will be one of the independent presses that will be ushering in a victorious return of the Pulp hero in the comics!

after the rest of the review are art examples from the series

This issue picks up as the escape ship containing Flash, Dale and Hans crosses over into alien airspace. The ship is shot down but unknown forces and the three protagonists are separated. Dale finds herself being welcomed by Ming himself (Ming always had a weakness for the ladies), as he tries to convey to the CIA agent that she isn’t anywhere near Earth anymore. Flash lands on Arboria, where he is met by “nowhere close to be welcoming” wagon and the issue ends with Flash being toe to toe with what I can only hope are the Lion Men of Mongo (think Klingons on steroids). The writing continues to be solid and crisp, without being too corny. Paul Green’s eye-popping art rocks this book like two fat guys in a canoe! Each page is phenomenal! Even readers not into a rock-em, sock-em smart action hero would still be transfixed on Green’s figures and landscapes.

Flash Gordon is Ardden’s first book and if this is the level of their “first” material, I cannot help but believe within a year Ardden will be pushing everyone else in the Indy market to their limits.

Grade: A+

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Updated: May 11, 2010 — 9:39 am

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