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If there’s one thing that Marvel does well, it’s making sure you have cross-promotional products that capitalize on the buzz of other projects.  It was no coincidence that Marvel put out an X-Men cartoon just as the first X-Men was being released.  Nor is it a mistake that a new Wolverine cartoon is being released later this season, just before X-Men Origins: Wolverinehit theaters this summer.  In that same vein, Marvel has started work a new Avengers cartoon to partner with the coming films Captain America: The First Avenger and Avengers.

My opinion, the promo art (see above) looks solid and I like that the cast is made of the first Avengers team. Not some updated mix of the original and New Avengers wearing powered armor.


New York, New York – October 8th, 2008 – Further strengthening its robust animation slate, Marvel Animation, a division of Marvel Entertainment, announced today the production of an all new animated series, ‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes‘.   Production on 26 half-hour episodes is already underway using the production services of Film Roman, producer of the Simpsons and King of the Hill.

The new series, expected to be available for broadcast in 2011, continues on Marvel’s already impressive  television line-up which includes the all-new ‘Wolverine and the X-Men‘ and ‘Iron Man: Armored Adventures‘ series that will both debut on Nicktoons in 2009.  Marvel Animation will also debut the all-new series ‘Marvel Super Hero Squad‘ and ‘The Black Panther‘ next year.

The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes‘ is an all-new property featuring some of Marvel’s all-time favorite characters including Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Giant Man and Wasp.  When the planet is threatened by Super Villains, time traveling conquerors, alien invaders, mythical monsters and mad robots bent on the total destruction of humanity, when forces of evil are so overwhelming that no single hero has the power to save the world, when there is no hope left…the Avengers assemble!

The Avengers are the best of the best in the Marvel Universe and the greatest heroes who take on the most unbeatable foes.  These are the heroes who hold back the storm, and the fate of the world rests on their shoulders.

“The addition of ‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes‘ to our quickly expanding animation slate continues our plan to complement each of our tentpole live action features with an animated series,” said Eric Rollman, President of Animation.  “This new ensemble series tracks perfectly with our highly anticipated ‘road to the Avengers’ strategy which includes some of Marvel’s biggest and most beloved characters, and which kicks off with two Avengers’ themed feature films in summer 2011.”

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Updated: October 16, 2008 — 9:45 am

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