Superman #679

Superman #679 ( DC / Robinson / Guedes / Magalhges/ Ross)

“Two supermen: One, a man of yore, the other, the Man of Tomorrow! Atlas and Superman continue their all-out war, with Metropolis as the prize. But for all his power, Superman seems unable to defeat this titan of myth. With our hero down for the count, it will take another, unexpected hero to save the day.

Guest-starring Supergirl and – someone else!”

I really can’t remember the last time that every Superman book has been at the top of my pile each week they come out. It wasn’t too long ago that I was writing on this site about how disappointed I was in the Superman book and the terrible storytelling it contained. DC has finally fixed that!

This new arc with the mysterious Atlas is kicking the crap out of Superman, and every other Kryptonion, that comes his way. Superman is dumbfounded. He really can’t figure out why he’s not winning, and is astonished even as he’s knocked unconscious. Through in a few other mysteres, like what the heck was Supergirl shot with?, and you’ve got a right smart super-battle issue.

Now for my favorite part. If you are a regular reader, then you know what a sucker I am for the “hero moment.” It’s that the part of the story where the heroes do something huge, when someone gives a stirring speech, or my favorite hero moment if the Green Lantern oath. Superman #679 has one of those moments from a most unlikely of places. The last page is a shot of one pissed off pooch standing above the rubble as is super powered doggie brain thinks


This one hurt man.

Krypto loves man-

Krypto hurt this one.

Man loves place

I protect place for man.

Krypto Good Boy.”

Yep, that’s a hero moment from Superman’s dog. See, from Krypto’s perspective Atlas has broken into his home a beat-up his master. And every dog I’ve ever know just dosen’t take that kind of thing laying down.

Sic’em boy.

Grade: A

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Updated: September 5, 2008 — 8:25 pm

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