Proof #11

Proof #11 (Image – Grecian / Rossmo / Guzowski)

“THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO,” Part Two – Giant alligators fight a golem in New York’s sewers! A religious cult thinks that Proof is the devil! And what is an ink monkey? Sound like too much for one comic book? Then you haven’t seen Proof!

Proof has without a doubt become one of my favorite books. A fantastic blend of cop drama, comedy and supernatural thriller. Alex Grecian has solidified with “Proof-readers” his ability to tell a wonderfully detailed story and his ability to hold an audience’s attention whether it is for the issue, story arc or the entire series. Riley Rossmo and Adam Guzowski’s art continues to be the one-two punch that creates a perfect shadowy environment for “Proof- reading”.

Part two tried to keep the reader caught up with all the major players, and what it ended up doing was left us yearning for the next issue to come out.

Proof, on his way to try to save a young boy, ends up with some sort of Avian Flu ends up having some “loopy” time. Wonderful visuals on this! When he wakes up he is staring down a mob scene with a “dark preacher” type leading the charge to send Proof back to Hell. Joe the Golem continues his trek down the sewers. Ginger blows off an old boyfriend and gets some help from her former captain. All of this and the introduction of a new cryptid, the mighty and mysterious Ink Monkey.

As stated before, there is a ton of story in this one issue. Sort of the opposite of some DC and Marvel books. The only downside to this is that you don’t get too much closure on any one piece and you can’t wait to see what Proof does, or what happens down in the sewers or how the old Jewish guy is going to calm down Elvis.

At the end of the issue is another page from Kelly Tindall about Archie Snow. As I go back re-read the snippits about Archie at the end of different issues of Proof, I get the feeling that the stale of Archie Snow is something really great, but we are only get small glimpses through peek holes in a fence. As of now, I would look forward to reading a whole issue about Archie… but as of now, I couldn’t really explain to anyone what or who Archie Snow is or what the plot is because I only get 1-2 pages once a month…. egads the dark side of a serial!

Issue Grade: B+

Proof news: Looking on the Image site, it looks like Image might be trying some cross-overs as of Proof #13, Erik Larsen is joining the art team as Proof meets the Ever-lovin’ Savage Dragon!

I’ve been looking… anyone know where I can get a 3XL Proof shirt? 🙂

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Updated: September 6, 2008 — 8:44 am

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