Marvel: 1985 #4

Marvel: 1985 #4 (of 6) ( Marvel – Millar / Edwards)

The villains are here—in our world—and no one can stop them! No cop, no army, no government stands a chance when the Red Skull leads Marvel’s greatest menaces into an all-out war against a world with no heroes! Young comic-book fan Toby has a plan. But does he have the will to carry it out? Find out in a story with huge repercussions in the Marvel Universe of today…and tomorrow!

I don’t know what to say, I am really enjoy this series… but this issue as a stand alone? Ouch, talk about a downer.  Imagine if the only part of The Empire Strikes Back you saw was Han getting frozen… it would be a little like this.  The writing in context of the entire series is very strong (it’s Mark Millar, duh!).  Tommy Lee Edwards art is always incredible and fits the biorhythms of this dark tale well.  In issue #4, the bad guys kick butt!  Everything from making solider melt (who remember the 80’s villian The Melter?) to the Blob eating people to the Lizard getting to be the vicious killer he is.  Crazy, Spooky and Dark!  If you buy into this though, you got to get the whole run… and I am betting a year from now, everyonw will have wished they bought into this.

Issue Grade: A-

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