Omega One #1

Omega One #1 ( Big City Comics – Kaufman / Elvin)

Here is another great pull from the Big City booth at Wizard World Chicago. Omega One is the story of a super team that has no choice but to work together because the government says so. Readers get the basic team set up. There is a speedster, an agility expert, the strong guy, and representations of fire and ice. Pretty typical, right? So, what sets Omega One apart from all the other team books? It’s the story concepts. None of our main characters want to be on this team, the US government is promising to kill the loved ones of the team members if they do not participate in the program. So if one of there characters is unwilling to work for The Man, their baby sister is killed. Motivating, isn’t it?

After we see how the group is formed, get also get to see that not all the team members are heroes. One of the team members is a villain! How’s that for a lack of team unity?” Besides one member being a villain, all the other members have some sense of angst that I’m sure will play into later issues.

Overall, Omega One is a good team books with enough twists that keep it interesting. The story is intriguing and the fully painted art is a joy to look at.

Grade: B

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Updated: July 7, 2008 — 2:14 pm

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