WWC: Legion Studios Rock Chicago!

If you were on the floor of Wizard World: Chicago at all, you simply could not have missed Legion Studios. They had decked out their display, all of the creators were there… and some of the best eye candy of the convention was there too in the form of the Devil Girls (or sometimes know as the Master’s Devils). Not to demean the girls by simply referring to them as if they are hired models, these gals are involved both with the creation and creators of Legion Studios.  It’s actually a pretty cool thing to have a beautiful woman be able to tell you all about the book she is pushing.

The Legion crew are a very interesting one, because with their “Rock N Roll” attitude, “Independent by Choice” T-shirts and having the gorgeous ladies around, I think it’s very easy to underestimate them or put them or their books in a box. I have to admit, when I first met them years ago, I fell victim to my own stereotyping.  But Legion is not simply selling “hot and shiny” in a latex wrapper, they are selling stories. And good ones at that!

Legion introduced three new books at Chicago this year.  All worth looking at!

The Queen of Sin 2 – “Servitor” – This issue had two different tales to it. The first is a retelling of Adam and Eve getting thrown out of the Garden of Eden. This sets up sort of an origin story for the Queen. The second story gives a rough character sketch of the main witch in charge through the eyes of one of her worshipers. The art is smooth and fits the atmosphere of the story to a tee. As a bonus there are two very philosophical and witty essay by the writers themselves. Queen of Sin 2 is a great example of the artistic nature of Legion Studios, and how as an independent “horror” press, they are much more into setting a tone rather than showing the splatter.

Master’s Devil’s 2 “Sinfully Delicious” – This book continues Legion’s theme of art and atmosphere above gore. MD 2 spotlights a short story about the “girls” as they lay waste to a bunch of sexist rednecks at a boondocks bar.  Along with the story you also have good essays and beautiful pin-ups. I would call MD 2 less of a horror narrative and more of just a rumpus fun book. The art of the book is reason enough to give it a shot!

The third book to be revealed at Chicago was Fallen Daughters.  This book is the brainchild of newcomer John Yeo Jr. (at least new to me).  FD is much more of a traditional narrative and has quite a better plot than I expected.  It starts off very strong, with a fallen female demon on the run from her “family” and eventually getting combat help from a rough and tumble angel, female again.  A great cover by Roc Bottom, good action and a clean direction (not to mention a very cool cameo by the Pullbox crew!) are some of the positive of this book.  I struggle to really embrace FD for two reasons in particular.  First, it turns out that the angel and the demoness are “more than friends” and to be honest it seems strictly there as a “Jerry Springer” moment rather than helping the plot along.  And two, the interior art needs a little bit of help.  You can tell there is potential there, but with a book full of action, the art was characterized as being very choppy and thick.  Overall not a bad first go at it, but I think we will see Yeo get better.

Check out Legion’s website here and let them know their brothers at ThePullbox.com sent you!

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Updated: July 7, 2008 — 9:54 pm

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