Teen Titans #59

Teen Titans #59 ( DC / McKeever / Barrows / Jose)

It’s Teen Titan versus Teen Titan when Clock King’s plan reaches its final, twisted stage. With teammates missing or presumed dead, can Robin and Wonder Girl put the pieces together before Clock King’s Terror Titans finish them off?

In the closing of last issue, we see a tourtured and enraged Kid Devil attacking Miss Martian. That’s pretty much how we pick things up, with the exception that what you’re seeing is a recording. Turns out that the Clock King is gathering all the Teen Titans as a package deal to sell to the Dark Side Club (from the pages of Final Crisis). If you haven’t read Final Crisis, then what you’re missing is that Darkseid, and all his lackeys, are now on Earth and looking human. Actually, “Dark Side” kinda reminds me of Michael Clark Duncan’s Kingpin, from the Daredevil movie. Anyway, “Boss Dark Side” doesn’t want a few Titans, he wants the entire team. So, it’s back to work for Clock King and the Terror Titans.

There are some surprises this issue. One, is how easily Wonder Girl and Blue Beetle are taken out. The other is the fight between Clock King and Robin. I always put Clock King in the “C” level evil genius, but McKeever takes him to a whole new level by giving him a kick-ass power and ruthless attitude.

Overall this is a great addition to this arc and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

Grade: A

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Updated: June 3, 2008 — 7:02 am

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