Number of the Beast #3

Number of the Beast #3 (of eight) (Wildstorm – Beatty / Sprouse / Story)

The End of Days has come to the WildStorm Universe, as the Paladins fight for their city’s very existence against the coming destruction. But when the riders of the Apocalypse appear — is the end truly at hand? And what role does the newly returned hero from WildStorm’s past play in the bigger picture: will he be their savior or their doom?

Not being someone who is on the up-and-up when it comes to the Wildstorm continuity, issues #1-3 of this series were a very interesting read. And it got better which each issue. This is set-up as universe-size cross-over that will impact all of the WU books from here on in. But, someone walking into this without a vested interest in Wildstorm probably wouldn’t continue. The end of the World is coming to the WIldsotrm Universe (literally – read below for more on that) and this is the lead up. The question is, is it real or not? Issue #3 gives the read several “behind the scenes” views and what is going on and why the WU heroes can’t get a grip on what is going on. This is tough book to grade, because while the writing and art are solid, if you aren’t into the WU, you probably just won’t be interested. But this book was enough to make we want to follow what is coming next

Issue Grade: B

From Wildstorm website: Following the cataclysmic conclusion to NUMBER OF THE BEAST comes the dawn of a whole new age: WILDSTORM WORLD’S END! The heroes failed to save the planet from destruction and now struggle to survive in a brutal, post-apocalyptic environment…but with humanity largely dead and the Earth broken, what does the term “hero” even mean? Follow the gripping survival story in four on-going titles: WILDCATS, AUTHORITY, STORMWATCH PHD, and GEN13, all featuring a serialized back-up story further expanding on this bleak new world illustrated by some of the top names in the industry!

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Updated: June 3, 2008 — 11:22 am

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