Proof #8

Proof #8 (Image – Grecian / Rossmo)

“COMPANY OF MEN,” Part Three Will Ginger reach Proof in time to prevent him from being dinner? Of course she will. But another Lodge agent bows out for good this issue.

Another spectacular issue of Proof! Company of Men comes to a close as we see Proof finally do his thing in a big brutish way. We not only get to see what Proof is made of, but also get to see what extent the Lodge will go to protect themselves given that they now have their first human “guests”. Proof is the perfect mix of action and supernatural, it is the best parts of X-Files, Hellboy and Buffy all wrapped into one!

Issue grade: A

Series Grade: A

Also, out this week is the trade of “Goatsucker”, the first Proof Story arc, collects Issues #1-5, 128 pages for $9.99. Mr. Drysdale couldn’t find a better deal!

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Updated: June 5, 2008 — 3:50 pm

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