Marvel Comics Presents #9

Marvel Comics Presents #9  (Marvel – Various)

The HULK roars into action, drawn by HULK superstar ED MCGUINNESS! But this is a Hulk the likes of which you have never seen before…trust us, True Believer! Plus—MACHINE MAN battles his past, WEAPON OMEGA battles himself, and VANGUARD battles everybody!

If only this entire issue was Rich Koslowski’s Weapon Omega story it would be worth reading.  Not bad characters, just bad stories.  This really horrible trilogy of trite includes a bizarre Hulk-mythology “What if”-ish story, perhaps the worse Machine Man story ever and even the Vangaurd story has moved from a great” X-files” type mystery with an unknown villain to
a re-run of a bad episode of “the A-team” involving a mutant who can possess people.   This is almost the worse case scenario for an anthology series.  I can’t imagine Marvel Comics Presents will make it to issue #15.  The Weapon Omega story-line is the only thing solid in this issue and has the been the only thing constant in this series.  My hat is off to Rich Koslowski.  So when is he getting his own “Alpha Flight” series?

Issue Grade: D-

Series Grade: C

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:13 pm

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  1. I agree… this blew

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