Echo #3

Echo #3 (Abstract Studios – Terry Moore)

From a Newsarama interview with Terry Moore – Echo‘s story revolves around Julie, a young photographer who inadvertently discovers a hi-tech battle suit. Moore has said the premise of Echo is a woman living in today’s America who is dealing with a sudden unbelievable change to her daily life.

This last week I sat down and read the first three issues of Echo, it started out slow but turned out very solid. Terry Moore has been amazing us for years with Strangers in Paradise, not to mention smaller stints in Marvel, DC and some  independents. He is a talented writer and a great artists, the only thing I thought that he had a tough time translating from a humor / non-super hero comic to a more action-lined series like Echo was pacing. Issue #1 was very slow and drawn out, even taking into account it was the “origin” issue.  But by the time issue #3 comes around, Mr. Moore had worked the timing issues out.

Echo follows Julie, an indepednent photographers with a whole series of personal issues (fighting a divorce, a sister with mental health issues, etc.) who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time due to a government experiment gone awry.  She is now the reluctant wearer of a liquid battle suit that looks like a metal bra that happens to be able to harness explosive power… and the government wants back.  A well-constructed, very-solid read.

Issue Grade: B+

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Updated: June 4, 2008 — 8:50 am

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