Green Lantern #31

Green Lantern #31 ( DC / Johns / Reis / Albert)

Part 3 of “Secret Origin” explores the beginnings of Earth’s Green Lantern — Hal Jordan! Hal meets the Green Lantern who will teach him everything he knows: Sinestro! But Sinestro has another mission on this primitive mudball called planet Earth…a mission not even the Guardians of the Universe are aware of.

Green Lantern has been the most consistently great book I’ve been reading all year. There has been nary an instance all year that I have had the tiniest bit of disappointment in Geoff Johns run on this book. Here we see Hal Jordan go through Green Lantern boot camp, and yes he’s the hot headed punk he’s always been. Hal is the cocky jock that you’d really like to hate, but you just can’t because deep down he’s a good guy. He immediately gets on everyone’s radar, especially Kilawog’s, and rises to the top of his class in quick order. This leads us to another parts of John’s writing that gets me every time: When he writes a group of GLs reciting the oath, coupled with Reis’s visuals, it gives me instant goose bumps.

Grade: A

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Updated: June 4, 2008 — 8:28 am

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