Proof #7

Proof #7 (Image – Grecian / Rossmo / Staples / Irving)

All-out jungle action! Proof fights for his life against Bigfoot hunters in the Congo. Meanwhile, Ginger and Elvis find a baby dinosaur. And an agent betrays The Lodge!

To best describe the feel of this issue, I am going to ask us all to go back in our minds to the last good season of the X-Files. Where Mulder and Scully not only were solving the mystery of the week but also dealing with conspiracies within conspiracies within the FBI and there are enough side characters that a newbie would have their head spinning… well, Proof is almost there. To a hard-core Proofreader like myself (Cryptoid: a “Proofreader” is a comic book reader that knows that Proof was one of the new books of 2007 and anxiously awaits each upcoming issue), this was a blow-away issue. Members of the Lodge are showing their true colors, Elvis and Ginger are in some serious trouble and Proof is being prepped for Colonel Dachshund’s dinner. While I was humming the whole time I was reading this issue I can see why someone picking this up for the first time would be… “huh???” For those folks who have not read Proof yet, I might suggest picking up the new trade that covers the first five issues. With the gorgeous and thrilling work that is coming out of the present team of this book, they will have me sold for a long time!  And looking forward to issue #8, the preview simply states “Proof breaks stuff!” This is going to rock!

Issue Grade: A

Series Grade: A

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Updated: May 6, 2008 — 7:45 pm

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