At the Oconocon… Layne and Peri Toth

Anointed as “The Hardest Workin’ Kid in Comics”, Layne Toth has made a name for herself… a big name! While I only have informal data at my fingertips, I dare say that as far the under 12 crowd goes, Layne Toth has the biggest name in the comics. Her original creations Lucky, The One-Eyed Stray Dog And Faith: Warrior Princess are always fan hits. Layne’s work has been featured in several independent books and has been praised by the industry, including someone who might be the president of her fan club… one legend, George Perez. As talented as this young lady is, she is only one half of Sisters Comics. Add to the mix, Peri Toth, age 7… which according to their website is the “Grumpiest Kid in Comics”, cute. Peri’s big hit is the initially odd, yet witty character of “See-Through-Baby”. These two girls together are a powerhouse of creativity and fun, and their work is a must have for you moms and dads that are at comic conventions and looking for something for your kids back home.

At the Oconocon, I got the pleasure of meeting both of the Toth sisters and their father Tornado. And using my own charm (wink, wink), got to take a look at their new book Owosso Taco House Funnies. Never before has there been such a combined young comic genius / Mexican restaurant marketing blitz as this book (fantastic stories and a real menu on the back cover!)… and probably never will be again 🙂

Seriously though, this book is a collection of funny and amusing shorts involving most, if not all, of the Toth Sister’s characters and their interactions with and defending the real life Owosso Taco House. As far as bang for your buck, you simply cannot pass up on this family-friendly slap-stick entertainment. And if you are ever at a con with these brilliant young ladies, you cannot pass up the opportunity to sit down and watch them work… and if you are lucky, you might be able to get a boxing story out of their dad!

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Updated: May 8, 2008 — 11:20 am

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