Star Wars: Legacy #22

STAR WARS: LEGACY #22 (Dark Horse / Ostrander / Robinson)

In light of recent events, Darth Krayt deems it time to teach a lesson in obedience-to the entire galaxy! Emperor Krayt is displeased, and the price of betrayal will be exacted from an entire race, their suffering rippling to the edges of the Outer Rim. Yet his wrath will not stop there, as even among his own ranks failure will be dealt with cruelly and with lasting results. Old allegiances will be tested, and new bonds will be formed through pain and anger. This is what happens when the Sith rule the galaxy!

Sith are bad…..very, very bad. I know that isn’t news, but we get a reminder of the genocidal mayhem the Sith are capable of. Unfortunately we see it through some of the worst art I’ve seen in a Star Wars comic in some time. I looked up Alan Robinson’s other art work and it wasn’t bad, but his first 5 pages of Legacy looked like a 6th graders Star Wars project. Ostrander is working his way through a story arc that has so far been unimpressive, but has possibility to grow into something. I really feel like the last three issues have been just left me waiting for something, and what I’m waiting for is the return of Cade Skywalker! It looks like Cade and company return next issue, but lets hope the art gets better.

Issue Grade: C

Series Grade: B+ (dropping due to last three issues.))

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Updated: April 30, 2008 — 8:04 pm

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