Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #27 (Vector: Part#3)

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic #27 ( Dark Horse / Miller / Hepburn / Parsons)

An ancient evil gains long-coveted power in the third part of 2008’s biggest Star Wars. Something terrible is spreading among the Mandalorians, threatening to bring their conquest of the galaxy to a previously unthinkable new level! Unfortunately, fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick and the con artist Gryph don’t even know how they’re going to survive their current predicament, let alone stop this horrifying threat! Lucky for the galaxy, their companion Jedi Celeste Morne has a few ideas about what to do. Unlucky for Zayne, Celeste’s boss wants him dead! * This is only the third issue of “Vector,” a 12-part storyline that will run through every event! Star Wars title, from Knights of the Old Republic, to Dark Times, to Rebellion, to Legacy.

So here’s one where the story is worth while and really very good, but the art was so much better when it was done by Brian Ching or Travel Foreman. Scott Hepburn is a good artist, I just don’t think his cartoony style fits KOTOR very well. His Rakghouls look cool, but Zayne Carrick looks like the lovechild of Adrian Brody and Crispin Glover.

John Jackson Miller does an excellent job with this third installment of the Vector crossover as we see that the Muur Talisman may have a mind of it’s own. Since there is no time travel in the Star Wars universe, I’m becoming more and more intrigued on how Miller and company will explain how these time periods in the Star Wars universe will connect.

Issue Grade: B+

Series Grade: A-

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Updated: April 30, 2008 — 8:04 pm

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