Marvel connects with Soleil in ‘08

Marvel, in collaboration with Soliel (an out-of-the-box acclaimed comic publisher from France), are bringing some highly praised and cutting edge sci-fi and fantasy books to the American audience in 2008.  This week in stores is a Soleil FREE preview copy giving a sneak peak at the four upcoming series.  Well worth your time to get it!

Press release:  Some of Soleil’s most popular releases, such as Sky Doll, Universal War One, Samurai and Le Fleau Des Dieux, make their English language debuts beginning this May. The first release will be Sky Doll #1 (of 3), a timely socio-political thriller in which a young android must decide her destiny by challenging the very government—and faith—that has controlled her life.
Soleil appeared on the comic scene in 1988 and quickly moved into publishing both classic comics by hot, young talent and series targeted towards younger audiences before buying great classics (Mandrake, Tarzan). Publishing science fiction, heroic fantasy, westerns and action comics from superstars such as Arleston, Tarquin, Mourier, Crisse, Swolfs and Ange, in addition to promising young talent, Soleil quickly established itself with a catalogue of powerful graphic novels.   Lanfeust, Soleil flagship fantasy title, is today a standard reference series and the keystone of the company: over 5 million books sold since 1994.   A top comic book publishing company in France with thousands of comic books in its catalogue, Soleil is producing over 250 new books per year and keeps expanding in other worldwide markets. Over the years, the company has positioned itself as both a leader in the fantasy genre and a major force in the European comic book market.

Sky-Doll #1 (of 3) May, 2008  The Story: The internationally acclaimed best-seller is now finally presented in English! Meet Noa, a so-called Sky Doll; a life-like female android without rights, who exists only to serve the State’s needs and desires. But when Noa meets two so-called “missionaries” who aid in her escape from her tyrannical master, all hell breaks loose for our cyborg siren as she uncovers clues that she may be much more than just a robotic toy. The first release in a new partnership between Marvel and cutting-edge French publisher Soleil!   Mature Content …$5.99 

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