Hero By Night #3

Hero by Night #3 ( Platinum Studios / Coffman / Patrick / Embury )

It’s all hit the fan. Roz has learned that Jack has been wearing the Hero ring behind her back, while Jack easily had the snot beat out of him by Saul Simian. But Simian’s not done. His bosses want him to go back and finish the job by killing Jack and taking the ring. How can Jack possibly beat Simian once he really means business? The answer may be hidden in the Hero’s old journals.

Ha! I didn’t miss issue #3! I’m very happy I was able to pick this up because I do not want to miss a page of this story. This particular issue sees Jack going another round with Saul Simian, whom we get a back story on, but Jack is also struggling to solve one of man’s greatest mysteries, women. As much as I am into the adventures of Jack as the Hero by Night, I found myself compelled by the story of Jack’s personal life. This is once again a throwback, in a good way, to the classic Spider-Man stories. Much like Peter Parker, we are invested in every aspect of Jack’s life. We want him to succeed as a hero, but we also want him to succeed as a building manager, neighborhood figure, friend, and future husband.

Big reveal this issue are the return (kind of) of the Iron Talon and the original Hero by Night coming to his senses!

Issue Grade: A

Series Grade: A+

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Updated: April 21, 2008 — 1:36 pm

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