Flash #238

Flash #238 (DC – Peyer / Williams)

“Fast Money” begins! Don’t miss the kickoff of this provocative new storyline by Tom Peyer (HOURMAN), as the Flash is pulled into an intense moral dilemma about superpowers — and Keystone’s plagued by a menace who’s using familiar mind-bending tactics!

Provocative is not the word I would have used. The Fast Money arc introduces “Spin” as a new addition or I guess modification to the rogue gallery. Before I get to him though, let’s talk about Wally West and his parenting choices. His two children grew like 10 years almost overnight, Wally and his wife aren’t quite sure how or when their children could age. On the chance the children could be senior citizens overnight, and they want their children to live life to the fullest, they decide to let them put on costumes and fight crime next to dad… huh? We don’t know how much time you have (and you might have eighty years), so I will endanger your lives everyday… Sorry Wally, you earned some bad dad points!

Now back to Spin, the new villain. Spin can make your worse fears, enhanced by the media, come true. If everyone is afraid of an earthquake, he can make an earthquake happen. Wally is worried about money issues and that the public might think he’s greedy… so Spin makes him rob everyone in the stadium and the issue ends with Flash in his bedroom on a literal pile of money, jewelery, wallets, etc… I didn’t know this was a flashback to the late 70’s issue. With major cross-overs coming… this is not what is needed in a major DC title.

Issue Grade: C-

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am

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