The Twelve #4

The Twelve #4 (Marvel – Straczynski /Weston / Leach / Chuckry)

As the savage murders continue, and members of the Twelve come under a cloud of suspicion, tensions flare, and hero faces off against hero! Plus, the unbelievable origin of underground secret agent Rockman! 

You know what is great?  Reading a Marvel comic that is quality and have it have nothing to do with Skrulls, Hulk, Civil War, invasion and also not having a cameo by Tony Stark 🙂

The Twelve continues to be a great story centering on character study.  After their sixty year sleep, some are bound to their past and want it back, some have moved on without hesitating to look back.  Some our archaic heroes want to joins the crime fighting forces of today, some want to try to live a normal life and forget the capes.  Some want to stop the modern darkness, some want to use their new found fame to make riches.  The comparison and contrast between “the Golden age” and today is well-told and worth reading.  This is competition for best series of the year!

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:11 pm

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