Countdown Lowdown #4

Countdown to Final Crisis #4 (DC – Dini / Giffen / Beechen / Mango / Ramos)

The Great Disaster has occurred, and all hell breaks loose as all the storylines in COUNTDOWN TO FINAL CRISIS come to a climax, threatening Darkseid and Jimmy Olsen and Mary Marvel and the future of their Earth!

Frodo is about to throw the ring into Mount Doom, when Saruman cast a teleport spell and sent Frodo back to the Shire… yea, it’s kinda like that! Our heroes have taken a huge leap backwards this week.

Everything that they have been trying to stop has come true… Darkseid has Jimmy, Mary has embraces that dark powers again, Jason flips out, Ray Palmer is missing and it is quite possible that the plague has made the jump to the original DCU. The writing here is not as good as the last few weeks, but better than the majority of this run. Three left… let’s see what comes

Issue Grade: C+

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Updated: November 2, 2010 — 11:03 am


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  1. Just thought you should know that the credits on this book are wrong. The were wrong on the DC site as well last time I checked.

  2. Thanks Josh… I will dig out my copy and make the changes! 🙂

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