David Lapham’s Young Liars #1

David Lapham’s Young Liars #1 (Vertigo / Lapham )

Indie comics auteur and SILVERFISH creator David Lapham hasn’t embarked on a monthly series since STRAY BULLETS, his magnum opus that garnered industry awards and international acclaim. Now Lapham’s back with YOUNG LIARS, his first full-color monthly series, about a group of misfits and their desperate attempt to salvage their crushed dreams. “I haven’t had this much fun since my Uncle Chuck took me on a crime spree in the fourth grade.” — David Lapham

At the core of YOUNG LIARS is the disturbing relationship between Danny Noonan, a habitual liar and crap guitar player from Texas, and Sadie Dawkins, the object of his desire. Sadie was a poor little rich girl until a bullet lodged in her brain turned her into an adrenaline junkie who only listens to Danny. But who shot Sadie only part of the mystery that drives YOUNG LIARS, from the twisted club scene of lower Manhattan to absurdist hijinx on the high seas. And from the hot shores of Ibiza to the haunted castles of Spain, Danny, Sadie and their entourage of losers will run from poorly disguised assassins, demented billionaires, and psychotic midgets — not to mention each other — in an absurd quest to get rich and famous. Or kill each other trying. YOUNG LIARS will provide relentless action, suspense, sex and murder in the way that only David Lapham can deliver.

Whew…that’s a long description! It’s also a dead on description. This is most likely the fourth title I’ve ever read from the DC’s Vertigo imprint. I usually save my sex, drugs, and rock & roll for other media, but when my lovely bride, who’s not into comics, asks me “Are you reading Young Liars?” I thought I should give it a peek. I found it sitting in the “not so new” release section of my favorite comic shop, Kowabunga Comics, and flip open to one of the most compelling opening panels I’ve seen lately. Not only do we get sex, drugs, and rock & roll but a nice side helping of violence. Well I can’t put it down now! This issue works as a giant introduction as we not only get to meet our main characters, but are made privy to their various faults as vices as well. And that is want this book seems to building up to. There is some mystery that will be taken up by our narrator and his fabulous collection of freaks, dregs, and losers. All with their own personality quirks and endearments…kind of like Trainspotting.

Grade: B

WARNING!!! The sex, drugs, language, and violence is explicit! Just what you would expect from a Vertigo title. That also means it should be kept away from young readers.

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Updated: April 23, 2008 — 1:37 pm

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