Neozoic #4

Neozoic #4 (Red 5 – Ens / Korim / Lam)

The walls of Monanti city are smashed, and the lives of millions are trampled beneath the feet of relentless dinosaurs. The Predator Defense League tries to stem the tide. The King finds his family kidnapped. But is Lilli to blame? When both father and mentor turn their backs on her, the emotional show-down turns deadly.

I don’t say this too often, in this particular way… but what a frickin’ awesome book! For those of you not familiar to this book, think of Mark Schultz’s classic Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and have it be more Conan and Tarzan and less Mad Max. The plot is high-energy and keeps it pumping from cover to cover. And in all honesty the art is so beautifully done that even if the plot sucked, you would still want to get this book. But given that this is one of the best fantasy comics I have read in a very long time, it makes it a must-have!

The prehistoric (or is it fantastically futuristic?) community of Monanti City is physically being torn apart on the outside by an army that there seems no hope to beat off. The city is being torn apart from the inside by political intrigue, greed, and a culture that seems to be a point of needing to break with tradition. This is an intelligent, well-told fantasy story with an art team that could not be better! The majority of this issue #4 is a huge on-going fight scene which is a absolute delight to take in. Neozoic is a rare and wonderfully balanced book, it knows exactly how to balance tremendous action with drama and schtick!

Taking a look at what Red 5 has given us so far, I cannot wait to see where they head in the coming year!

Issue grade: A
Series grade: A

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Updated: April 23, 2008 — 5:55 pm

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