Awakening #5

Awakening #5 (of 10) (Archaia Studios Press – Tapalansky / Eckman-Lawn / Mauer)

Answers satisfy questions but not always those who ask them. The truth about Cline Pharmaceuticals and its hand in the horrific events taking place within Park Falls is revealed, but will the answers clarify the mystery or deepen it? As Derrick and Daniel struggle with this information, Sandra follows another line of thinking by visiting someone she’s not seen in many years…

Awakening still continues to be one of the best thriller / horror books on the market. This month due to some technical issues, issue #4 and #5 come out together. While it might have been a tough wait, the upside is getting to follow the steps of ex-officer Peters’ investigation in quick succession.

One of the many things I want to congratulate the Awakening team on is that there has yet to be an issue that seems “filler”. Even in the best of series, sometimes has lag-points… that has yet to happen in Park Falls. Not only does the overall plot move forward as to where the disease has come from and the characters are dealing with the evolving behaviors of the zombies, but through some flashbacks we start to see the background on Derrick and what has brought him to this place in his life, both emotionally and circumstantially.

Unfortunately for fans, Awakening is going into hiatus until about August, but there is something to keep our appetite wet… the Awakening hardcover, combining issues #1-5, comes out in June!  Watch for it!

Issue Grade: A

Series Grade: A

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Updated: April 9, 2008 — 7:39 am

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