Hero by Night #2

Hero by Night #2 (Platinum Studios / Coffman / Patrick / Embury)

Hero by Night is the story of you. That’s right! This story is about an average guy stumbles across the means to become a legendary superhero. The first mini-series was pure genius, and the new on-going series is traveling on the same track. In issue two, our hero Jack is finding how hard it can be to balance a love life, being a landlord, and wanting to better the neighborhood with the rigors of being a city’s superhero protector. This issue has a series of traditional first time experiences for any new hero. There is the first struggle to keep his identity a secret, the first big throw-down with a supervillain which does not end well for Jack, and my favorite, when Jack has the realization that he needs to practice all the facets of being a superhero. This has all the workings that made Peter Parker such a great character. The one thing that Jack has to live up to that Peter didn’t is the Hero by Night legacy. Spider-Man may be living in a city were they love or hate him, but Jack is in a city were everyone, minus the bad-guys, loves him and have huge expectations. This can be seen when a window washer gives Hero by Night a, “Hey, don’t screw up!” pep-talk.

Coffman and Patrick do a bang-up job on the dialog and Jack’s inner monologue, which is my favorite part of the book. Jack has a ton of inner monologue in this issue as he’s jumping around the city, fighting the bad-guys, and just thinking in general. This one man conversation is highly entertaining in his pop culture references and subtle irony. Just all around fun comic writing.

Issue Grade: A+

Series Grade: A

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Updated: April 8, 2008 — 6:52 pm


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  1. True, this one was great. #3 was even better. Now, like when I was 12, I’m impatient for the next issue.

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  3. What?? Issue #3 is out??? I must have it!!!!

  4. as I just commented on D.J. Coffman’s blog, I’m holding you responsible for convincing me to put that ongoing on my pull list. 😉

    Issues #1 and #2 just shipped, can’t wait to read them. They were out of #3 but are expecting some soon, that too I can’t wait…

    Keep up the good reviews, I really enjoy them.


  5. My shop is sold out of #3, and their not sure if they can re-order. So unless Mr.Coffman can send me a copy, no #3 review from me 🙁

  6. Greg, you might wanna try HeavyInk.com. They list it as shipping next week with copies “expected soon”. Free shipping, no special commitment of any kind, other than creating an account with them, which is, well, pretty standard anyway. Could be your backup when your shop is out of something…

    I don’t have a shop too close from home so they’ve become my shop.

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