Zorro #2

Zorro #2 (Dynamite / Wagner / Fancavilla )

Dynamite continues the return of yet another Legend as Matt Wagner unveils the all-new Zorro! Writer, Art Director and cover artist Matt Wagner is in command of this all-new “year one” Zorro comic book adventure. Similar in tone and scope to Dynamite’s acclaimed Lone Ranger series, Zorro also features artist Francesco Francavilla who complements Wagner’s pulp action writing!  Issue #2 continues the frantic pace set by issue #1 as we learn more about Diego’s past, while in the present, his alter-ego Zorro is making things more and more difficult for the brutal Gonzales as the two come face-to-face!  Featuring a cover by Wagner and a special alternate cover by Mike Mayhew with the incredible colors of Dean White!”

More of the childhood of Diego de la Vega and the injustices he witnessed during his youth in old California. As much as we are supposed to be focused on Diego de la Vega, I have to say that I am very much interested in the Bernardo, Diego’s best friend and eventual man-servant. I can’t help but think that the injustices and horrors visited upon Bernardo’s family will come back to haunt the perpetrators. At least, I hope they do. Wagner has crafted his story in such a way, by making Bernardo our narrator, that we care for every character, not just Zorro.

This is only issue two, but you can feel the tension building as we move forward. We only see Zorro in a few pages again, but it doesn’t seem to matter because as a reader you want more of that “Year One” feel than anything else.

Grade: A

Series Grade: A

This review brought to you by Kowabunga Comics.….dig’em!

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Updated: April 13, 2008 — 2:04 pm

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