The New Dynamix #2

The New Dynamix #2 (of 5) (Wildstorm – Warner / Kirby)

Now that the Black Halo has once again taken up heroics, can he be persuaded to join Rocket and Sword in endorsement deals? Is that really what he came back for? No, he’s left his desert townhouse to make a difference, and he starts by confronting his roommate, Gramalkin, who’s been having visions about the end of the world. Halo and Rocket are heading to downtown San Francisco to see what there is to learn – and what the end of the world has to do with the missing WildStorm super-powered-beings

This was an interesting read to jump into. The art was very solid and a pleasure to check out. The story was something else entirely. I understand this is issue 2 of 5, of a series that is trying to give a “Countdown” or “52” feel to the Wildstorm Universe. But, even keeping that in mind, this was not an issue someone unfamiliar with these characters could jump right in on. It was well told, but not a lot of backdrop was given for the “whos” or “whys” of the characters. Nothing to support why Black Halo feels the way he does. And it would seem that the big reveal at the end of the issue was revealed on the cover. These criticisms might be minimized and disappear when looking at this series at a whole rather than this specific issue.

If you are into, man keep on digging it! But if you are looking for a comic to get into…. comicdom’s got some better launching points than this.

Issue Grade: C+

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Updated: April 14, 2008 — 10:08 am

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