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We at ThePullBox have day jobs and families, so we’re not able to all the big cons. But the fine people over at Aint It Cool News don’t have those issues. Oh sure they have plenty of other issues, but they do get to send people to every major comic con and film fest there is. That’s a nice perk. Anyway, Quint and his team have been rocking the Wonder Con coverage and I wanted to point our readers in that direction.

Read all the other great coverage HERE!

Here’s a snippet from Quint’s coverage on the DC panel. All great stuff!

  • James Robinson has a big project in the works “which I can’t talk about” involving Green Lantern
  • There are no plans for another Marvel crossover
  • When asked why Marvel has so many movies coming out this year and DC so few? Bob Wayne: “It’s quantity vs. quality.”
  • The next big thing on the horizon is DC UNIVERSE # ZERO which is where COUNTDOWN and 52 have lead us.
  • There is more stuff with THE SHAPE and THE QUESTION coming.
  • More ABSOLUTE collections coming, including Frank Miller’s RONIN. FYI: they mentioned that the next ALL STAR BATMAN is (as always) “on the way”.
  • More AMBUSH BUG due in July.
  • Geoff Johns is not likely to come back to TEEN TITANS.
  • Jimmy Olsen (despite what you may have heard) will soon have his own adventures in Metropolis, as will Lois and the Jim Harper Guardian.
  • No DC characters will crossover with Vertigo characters.
  • Coming Soon: Adam Strange in THANAGAR: HOLY WAR.
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Updated: February 26, 2008 — 7:16 am

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