The Foundation #2

The Foundation #2 (of 5) (Boom – Rozun / Chee / Quiligotti / Dillon)

The Foundation has now revealed itself to one unlikely man and recruited him into their ranks. Using the lost texts of Nostradamus, the knowledge of the future is theirs. But it’s subject to interpretation. Will they read the text correctly, or make a crucial mistake? A vibrant new thriller with the action of 24 but using the tone of X-Files!

Stephen Valentine works for the Foundation, a secret organization founded by Nostradamus himself who’s whole purpose is to make sure that his own doomsday prophesies do not come true. The Foundation has near unlimited funding, is supported internationally and has a wide range of people and resources (from military experts to psychics) at their disposal. Stephen Valentine’s problem… he wants out!

In the first issue Stephen kidnaps and stops an important man (or who at least has possible future importance) from getting on a plane that was destined to crash. But is forced to passively let the rest of the passengers board and die. This operation is the final action that pushes Stephen into cutting his emotional losses and wanting to say his good-bye. Yet one more mission, to stop the possible poisoning of New York’s water supply, is all that stands between him and freedom from the Foundation.

The writing is great, dark and steady-paced, and keeps you turning the page wondering where the suspense-driven plot takes the reader. The major downfall of the series is the blocky and over-inked art. I realize they are driving for a “darker” tone to enhance the cloak and dagger story-telling, but it’s overdone and distracting. That being said, the story is fresh and writing is solid… well-worth checking out.

Issue Grade: B

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