Neozoic #3

Neozoic #3 (Red 5 Comics – Ens / Korim / Lam) Thousands of dinosaurs descend on Monanti and the entire Predator Defense League is called into action. But if the walls break, are the elite warriors enough to protect the city? And who or what is behind the lizard invasion? With Atomic Robo, Red 5 blew me out of the water with their take on the retro-pulp-sci-fi genre , they gave a new look and a fresh feel to a classic adventure ride. Paul Ens is doing it again with Neozoic. Any geek worth his or her salt has read at least one fantasy novel of a culture of warriors living in a savage land fighting off the local hostile flora and fauna. Ens has taken this known setting that has classically been done well in the past (Conan, Ka-Zar, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, etc.) and has re-imagined it and is now adding Neozoic to that “classic” list. This series will have your attention from the beginning, whether it is the well-thought out society of the walled city of Monanti, the crisp interactions and personalities of the characters or the story that sweeps you along, you will be hooked into the Neozoic world. Even if you are a traditionally not a fan of fantasy, with this level of writing you will have pure fun reading Neozoic. The artwork by relative newcomer J. Korim (Rotogin) is gorgeous. His numerous splash pages are incredible. It takes real talent to be able to capture a dinosaur attack on a walled city without it either looking cheesy or over-the-top epic. Korin’s art is complimented by the coloring of Jessie Lam. If their future work grows off of what they are doing in this book, these two are a team that will be making an impact for years to come. Red 5 is stepping up as the indy publisher to beat, Neozoic is a fantastic add to their already great line up of comics.

Grade: A

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Updated: January 31, 2008 — 11:01 am


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