X-Men: Legacy

In a post-Messiah CompleX Marvel Mutantverse, more is changing in the X-men book besides the name. The left is the cover to X-Men: Legacy #208, the following is from Marvel: A single shot to head of Charles Xavier brought an end to the X-Men and killed his dream. But in the wake of Messiah CompleX’s shocking conclusion, what is the fate of Professor X? In X-Men: Legacy #208, from red-hot writer Mike Carey and rising star artist Scot Eaton (X-Factor, X-Men: Endangered Species), along with the guest art team of John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson illustrating crucial moments from X-Men history and a cover by superstar artist David Finch, a bold new era for mutantkind begins! As Xavier’s life hangs in the balance, assistance comes from the last place he’d expect! While Xavier’s saviors seek to restore him, providing fans with a powerful look inside the mind of the X-Men’s founder, a question must be asked: will Xavier’s restoration save mutantkind…or doom mankind? Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on X-Men: Legacy and all X-Men: Divided We Stand tie-ins, as the future of mutants in the Marvel universe is revealed and as critics continue to hail the current direction of the X-titles! Just what will happen to Xavier? And how will Magneto, Gambit and Rogue figure into the equation? The answers arrive in X-Men: Legacy #208!

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Updated: December 6, 2010 — 10:10 pm

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