Green Lantern #26

Green Lantern #26 (DC – Johns / Mckone / Lanning / Alquiza) – DC’s has this to say about Green Lantern # 26 Setting the stage for the Green Lanterns’ role in FINAL CRISIS comes Part 1 of “The Alpha Lanterns,” a new story arc written by Geoff Johns with art by Mike McKone (TEEN TITANS)! Who are the Alpha-Lanterns? What bizarre cosmic surgery have they undergone? And how will they affect the future of the Green Lantern Corps? In the aftermath of the Sinestro Corps War, the Green Lanterns are undergoing an unprecedented reconstruction and reinvention, and the controversial Alpha-Lantern project is in full effect. Meanwhile, with Sinestro’s true machinations for his war revealed to Earth’s prime Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and John Stewart, debate rages across Oa as lines are drawn and crossed, new bonds are formed, and old ones broken. The Green Lantern book is still going strong after the Sinestro Corps. War and has officially taken the title as my favorite on-going comic of 2007. Never was I shaking my head wondering “WTF?” while reading a Green Lantern or Green Lantern Corps. I’ll admit that I was mistaken at one point when my knowledge of Daximit’s was lacking, but lets not get into that. This issue of GL has one of the best Hero/Arch-Villain scenes that I’ve seen in comic in a long time. The scene starts on page 4 and is a great dialog between Sinestro and his former best friend Hal Jordan. These two seasoned warriors have a discussion on how the war played out and just what the wars ramifications are. Great stuff! Zip now to the end of the comic where the Lost Lanterns are traveling to pay their respects to the family of a fallen comrade. They arrive on the scene to see the family slaughtered by Amon Sur, son of Abin Sur and member of the Sinestro Corps. The Lost Lanterns are set to make an arrest, when one acts out and eviscerates Amon Sur, SURPRISE!! Now we have GL who has committed open murder, or was it?

Issue Grade: A

Series Grade: A

*Note: This is not the actual cover art for Green Lantern #26, but for some reason it’s what DC had up.

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