Countdown Lowdown #18

Safe House

Here’s the lowdown…

  • There is a brief review of Identity Crisis (for those not knowing what happened to Sue Dibny)
  • This issue gives the backdrop on what has happened to Ray Palmer, who apparently is the key to the Great Disaster
  • At the end of Identity Crisis, after putting his ex-wife into Arkham, Ray Palmer shrank away
  • He travelled from world to world until he met a “mystic” who told him of the layout and story of the Multiverse
  • Ray looked at different Earths, until he fell upon Earth 51
  • Here, he saw Earth 51’s Ray Palmer die and he took his place and tried to live the perfect life
  • Earth 51 is a world where in the span of 5 years the Justice League has wiped out all the bad guys and then retired
  • The Challengers show up and ruin Ray’s plan
  • After all of the backstory has been explained to all present, Bob the Monitor powers up his gloves and says he is going to eliminate the multiversal anomoly and terminate Ray Palmer
  • Meanwhile in the outreaches of space, Mary Marvel beats the crap out of Eclipso and chases her down to kill her
  • Origin of Dr. Light
  • One of the best things of all… no Jimmy Olsen!

As far as this series has gone, Countdown #18 has been one of the best to date. Giving us the backstory on Ray, showing Bob’s true colors and letting us know that Mary Marvel was not as naive as she appears. It looks like DC i supping their game as we get closer to Final Disaster.

Issue Grade: B

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Updated: December 30, 2007 — 5:32 pm

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