Kissmas Special!

Kissmas Special (Platinum Studios – Dixon / Rodriguez / Ruffino / Enbury) – Platinum’s summary This KISSMAS season, the Four who are One must use their powers (both supernatural and musical) to replace the Aurora Borealis so Santa Claus can guide his sleigh. If Demon, Starchild, Chikara, and Celestial fail, an evil spirit could rule the earth forever. Talk about your fun Christmas specials, not meant for your eight year old. Just like the summary says, this one-shot written by Chuck Dixon involves a cult bent on world destruction, an inter-dimensional demon, KISS hijacking a NASA shuttle, a battle in space and a tattooed, biker, sword-wielding Santa. As you can imagine the plot is way for fun than analytical, I don’t even believe this is in the KISS 4K continuity. Comic artist icon and all around good guy, Tone Rodriguez gives the reader great fantasy visuals for this imaginative book. Kissmas is a great read that is sure to make you smile, but at a $4.99 cover price, this book is great for the KISS fan or as a nice post-Christmas present. But probably not one fanboys will just pick up for the heck of it!

Grade: B

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Updated: December 30, 2007 — 5:16 pm

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