World War Hulk: Gamma Corps #1

Gamma Corps #1

Gamma Corps # 1 (Marvel – Tieri / Ferreira) –  Here we go with another WWH tie-in that seems like a dig at our $$.  The Gamma corps are soldiers with the D.N.A. of Gamma-mutated heroes and villains inside them. It is unclear at this point whether or not they are clones or humans who have been injected with the genetic material at some point. They are armed with a variety of military weapons and have been trained by the enigmatic General Ryker, to destroy the Incredible Hulk. Their first mission involved tracking down the failed Hulk-copy experiment, Private Benjamin Tibbits (AKA Flux) and killing him.

Our characters are:
Grey: Brian Talbot, brother of Colonel Glenn Talbot. Created with Hulk and Leader’s DNA. Trained in martial arts. The Leader DNA doesn’t make him as smart as Prodigy but he’s a brilliant military strategist.
Griffin: a Harpy-like man, based on the Betty Ross mutation.
Mess: an Abomination-like red-headed woman
Mister Gideon: muscular African-American man similar to Doc Samson.
Prodigy: created using the Leader’s DNA.

Both Griffin and Talbot appear to have control over their transition between normal-human and gamma-enhanced appearance. It is unknown whether the other members of the team have this ability.

Frank Tieri (writer) and Carlos Ferreira (artist) must be the new guys at Marvel and getting all the “not worth my $2.99” books. It really didn’t do much for the WWH storyline (they weren’t even in New York), but I can conceive where these might be some new Hulk villains after the dust settles.

Grade: C

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