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Brit #1 (Image – Brown / Rathburn / Kirkman)– This relaunch from Image comics is a must for both old fans of the Brit and folks who might not have heard of Image’s spy comic. The series takes place inside the continuity of Image’s Universe and the title character is an aged old school “Doc Savage” type spy with the power of invincibility who is the CIA’s last line of defense when “neat and tidy” are no longer options. Brit, along with his sidekick Donald (an android field agent similar to Inspector Gadget) are ready to take on whatever gets in the way of protecting the Red, White and Blue. Brit has been around awhile from Image, originally created and written by accomplished author Robert Kirkman (who is editing the new title). I acquired a preview copy of issue #1 due out in August and really enjoyed it. This book is a fantastic find with the combination of Cliff Rathburn’s hard-lined and easy to follow art, pretty standard from a Image superhero book, and the seemless action / humor writing from Bruce Brown. This book actually had me chuckling out loud… Brit and Donald have landed on an island hideout where they are attacked by commando pygmies, Donald has a hard time aiming because he is likes watching the little guys run. You definitely want to get this on your list! Way to go Image! Note: the image above is from the TPB of Kirkman’s run on Brit (Vol 1 – Old Soldier)

Issue Grade: A

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Updated: July 24, 2007 — 3:11 pm

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